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Sacred Contracts Archetypal Consulting

An Archetypal Consult is an important tool of symbolic insight to help align your energy with that of your Sacred Contract. A Sacred Contract is an agreement you made prior to your birth to learn certain lessons and to develop personal and spiritual power. It reveals patterns of how you relate to life issues. It is your life plan, which includes various events, challenges, relationships and opportunities from which to learn and apply to best serve your soul's contract.

A Sacred Contract is a set of 12 archetypes that provide emotional, physical, and spiritual power to help liberate you from fears, limitations, and vulnerabilities. Discovering and working with your 12 archetypes can change perceptions of self in relation to the world and help to gain a better understanding of your destiny and life mission. Living in accordance with your life mission means living authentically in your truth by fulfilling the terms of your Sacred Contract. Knowing your personal archetypes can empower you to take responsibility for choices in life.

The goal of your life's journey is "to move past the contract that your ego would like to have to the contract that your soul actually agreed to." - Caroline Myss